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Surelock Homes Locksmith is your number one choice for expert lock fitting for homes in Rowley Regis, Sandwell Borough, Black Country, and West Midlands.

Did your front door lock stop working all of a sudden? Does your old lock need an upgrade soon? Faulty door locks can pose major security issues in any home or business. But instead of struggling with your broken or worn out lock, Surelock Homes Locksmith is only a quick call away!

As the leading provider of residential and commercial locksmith services in Rowley Regis, Sandwell Borough, Black Country, and West Midlands, we specialise in lock fitting for homes so you can say goodbye to all your lock worries in no time.

Lock fitting for homes expertise

Our experts can fit different types of locks perfect for houses. Our specialties include the following:

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

One of the reasons why the 5 lever mortice deadlock remains a favourite among many homeowners is because despite the simplicity of its design, it remains a great option that can keep your house safe and secure. This lock is remarkably difficult to pick as it features five parallel levers that should be lined up. The key should also be turned for the bolt stop to come across.

Multi-Point Locking System

A multi-point locking system offers an extra layer of security for both the front and back doors of your home. These systems extend most if not the full height of door, with multiple locking points running along the door’s edge.

These added locking points can take the security of your home to the next level as they feature a tighter seal from top to bottom along the length of your door. The compression will also make your door more weather-tight compared to standard doors, making it more energy-efficient.

Rim Automatic Dead Latch with Key-Locking Handle

Rim automatic dead latches with key-locking handles are mounted on the inside of your door. The lock contains a cylinder inside that is linked to the keyhole located outside the door. This lets you keep your door locked more securely and safely from the inside.

It’s not common to see these dead latches all by themselves. These often come with mortice deadlocks for added security.

The night latch is a common form of the dead lock. The door will lock as soon as you close it. You just need to turn the latch if you want to open the door from the inside. But you’ll need your key if you’re outside.

Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro Cylinder Lock

The Euro cylinder lock was originally called pin tumbler lock when it was first patented in 1805. This lock is mainly used as a locking medium for operating a lock case.

Today, these locks have become some of the most popular and commonly used locking systems not just among locksmiths but even architectural ironmongers. These locks are easy and simple to install, replace, or modify with extra security measures. You can see it in residential and commercial properties to provide security and protection for various facilities and premises.

Surelock Homes Locksmith is the name you can trust for lock fitting for homes using some of the best and most secure types and styles of locks.

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